Sunny the Cockatiel and his new room mate Buddy the Conure, Are they getting along?

by Brooke
(Gulfport, MS, USA)

Sunny the cockatiel

Sunny the cockatiel

Sunny the cockatiel
Buddy The Conure

Hello, My name is Brooke and I have 2 small parrots. One is a male latino Cockateil and the other is a Green cheeked conure I think male also. I'm not sure if this is cause for concern, but my conure (Buddy) is often following around my cockatiel (Sunny) and when he gets close, Sunny grinds his beak and climbs away from him.

Also, Buddy tries to nibble on Sunny's Crest feathers (i call it a mohawk lol) and Sunny also leans down and moves away from Buddy when he does this. They share an Extra large Vision cage, and often Buddy the conure will scrap his beak back and forth on the perches and ladders. So all in all, does this sound like they are getting along? Or is Buddy being aggressive to Sunny? Are they ok sharing the same cage? Or should I buy Buddy his own asap?

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Nov 16, 2011
Cockatiel and conure share a cage?
by: The Avian Vet

For your cockatiels safety, these two birds need to be in separate cages asap. No matter how cute they seem or how friendly they are, at some point in the future Buddy is going to harm Sunny.

Buddy could bite Sunny’s beak and cause irreparable damage including total removal of the beak. He could bite Sunny’s toes. No matter how large you feel the cage is, it is not large enough. No cage is.

Birds are very territorial and Green-cheeked conures are more aggressive than cockatiels. In addition, this is a very stressful situation for Sunny.

Dr B

Nov 15, 2011
Sunny the Cockatiel and his new room mate Buddy the Conure, Are they getting along?
by: Linda

Thanks for asking because the Conure will hurt the Cockatiel. Please put them in separate cages and do not keep them together. The Conure family is aggressive while the Cockatiel family is very docile and easily pushed around by the Conures. The Consure will end up pulling out all the Cockies feathers and may very well kill it before it's over. Always do your homework when purchasing birds of different species because size is not the only concern. Aggressiveness is very much a concern as well. Even a little Budgie will push a Cockatiel around, so please get you a book or two about both the Conures and the Cockatiels so you are better educated about them.

Get another cage for one of them, and when they are outside cages together, keep a very close eye on them. Also, have both bird's wings clipped by an Avian Vet as soon as possible. Just have the 4-6 long primary feathers clipped. These are the long feathers on the ends of each wing. Do not let them cut up any higher as this is not necessary and causes the birds' pain and makes them fall like a rock causing injuries.


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