Sunny the sun's grateful mommy

by Cathy
(Nashville, TN)

I adopted a Sun Conure from a classified. He/she (doesn't matter to me) was in a tiny cage in a house full of Cockatiels flying free. The owner told me she had fallen with him and he wouldn't let her near him.

As we talked, Sunny (original, huh) began to speak to me. "You're pretty, Hello". etc. Of course, he came home with me. I left his door open-this is my first bird-and that day he was flying to me and talking to me constantly. It was love.

A few months ago, I let a lady convince me to let her clip his wings (for his safety). He hasn't let me touch him since! I have been patiently trying to sing to him, talk to him, etc. but nothing has calmed his terror of me.

I won't force him, but I know he must be miserable. He limits himself to his cage perch and his cosey. He will speak to everybody who comes in the door and will step up and groom them-just not me.

Can anyone help me? I had him almost a year before this happened, and it has been 3 months since the clipping.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. It is such a reversal from the little guy I brought home.

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Apr 06, 2008
Upset clipped bird
by: Tracie

One sure way to get lots of help is to join the NewConures Yahoo group. Near the top of our Conures Page you can put in your Email address and request to join. There are a lot of helpful people on that list.

It sounds like you have lost your bird's trust. Don't push the relationship, but offer treats and speak sweetly to him. (I am sure you speak sweetly, I don't mean to imply otherwise.)

Treat him like you just brought him home for the first time. Hopefully he will warm back up to you. I am surprised he got upset with you since you didn't do the clipping.

Please join our friendly group, others will have more advice. The more the better.

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