Sunova98 Ringneck question

by Susan
(Western Australia)

My young Indian Ringneck has taken to spending a lot of time in the corner at the bottom of his cage. He likes to be out all the time and when he goes back in he goes to the bottom of the cage and tries t find a way out. Is this normal behaviour

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Dec 09, 2009
Sunova98 Ringneck question
by: Linda

This is not necessarily abnormal behavior, but I think you may need to take a hard look at his cage setup. Birds need natural branch perches in the correct diameter for your bird's feet. They need toys made out of wood and cotton rope as birds like to chew up their toys, and they like to play with the cotton rope.Birds like toys that last as well as toys they can destroy as it is FUN to destroy stuff from time to time.

The size of your cage may also be a problem. A Ringneck parakeet needs a minimum of a 2 foot square cage, and will do better in one that is 3 foot or more square or rectangular. Basically, they need as large a cage as you can possibly have for them. If the cage is too small, and his perches are those dowel rods, then he hates it. He will be miserable in a too small cage with no natural wood perches so his feet can rest.Make sure bar spacing is appropriate for your size bird.

I think once you have him in a larger cage outfitted with natural branch perches and toys he likes, he will stop trying to escape. Most people put their birds in cages way too small for them and then wonder WHY they want to escape. Put yourself in your bird's place and see if you would want to be in the cage he's presently in.


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