Superb Parrot death

by Anna B
(Sydney NSW Australia)

We had a superb parrot for over 15 years. He was fine the night before, acting normal and usual, then when we woke up the next morning he was dead. Usually birds die on their backs with their legs on the air, but ours was on his stomach with his wings spread.
Any idea what could have caused such a sudden death? I have heard that heart attacks are common in caged birds, is this true?

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Nov 05, 2012
Superb Parrot death
by: Linda

There is no way to know why he died without having a necropsy done on his body. This has to be done within 24-48 hours of death, and body has to be kept in refrigerator until it can be taken to an Avian Vet.

Only birds who eat poor diets and get little exercise are at risk for heart attacks. The fact he was on his stomach means he was crawling on cage bottom when he died. It could have been a stroke as easy as a heart attack. I've had fairly young birds in the past just fall over without showing any signs of anything, so without necropsy it's not possible to tell about it.

I'm very sorry for your loss because it's not easy to lose a sick bird, and to lose one who appeared to be healthy is an even greater blow.I've been in both places, and it does not get any easier with time. A beautiful life lost makes our world a little darker.


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