by Peggy Wheeler
(Louisville, KY)

We have a Jardine's parrot that is about 10 year old. First question is how do you know if it is a male or female? The reason for this question is when we came back from vacation there was an egg in the bottom of the cage. We only have one bird so how is that possible.

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Mar 26, 2009
Jardine's laid an egg
by: Tracie

Well, if you found an egg on the bottom of the cage, then you have a female. The egg is not fertile since there is no male in the cage.

If the egg is not broken, then you can leave the egg for her to sit on. She may not be interested in sitting on the egg, so don't worry if she is not interested.

The reason we let the birds sit on their eggs, is so they don't keep laying tons of eggs and become calcium deficient and become egg bound.

If your bird is not on healthy pellets, like Harrison's then it is very possible your bird will become egg bound. You need to keep an eye on your bird and if she sits puffed and looks like she is straining, then get her to an avian vet ASAP.

Rather than go on and on here, please read the article on our Parrot Training page about Chronic Egg Laying for more information.

She will possibly lay an egg every 2 - 3 days for a few days, by the way. You can shorten her day time hours and that might get her out of breeding mode.

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