Suspected Tumor

by Caroline
(Port Charlotte)

My cockatoo has a lump on his right shoulder. I just noticed yesterday when I was hosing him. I took him to the vet he says that it is not a feather cyst but that it is a tumor and may require removal of my birds wing.

A sample was drawn of the fluid and the lump was aspirated and stitched. Robbie is happy, not in any pain and is eating, playing at voiding quite well.

When the syringe was expelled the fluid was like a tannish red. and there was blood.

I need to know what to do? I have had Robbie since 2004. He is a very big part of me and I have already lost a dog this year. My family thinks that I should have him put to sleep if there is needed amputation. Please help me out here

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May 13, 2009
Suspected Tumor
by: The Vet

I cannot make any recommendations without examining your bird. Did they examine the fluid to find out what it is? Amputation does not warrant euthanasia. There is no need to put your bird to sleep. If that was your vet?s recommendation, then you should take your bird in for a second opinion. It may not need amputation, either, depending on what kind of tumor it is.

Dr B

May 12, 2009
Listen to Your Heart and Your Vet!
by: Linda

Please follow your heart and your vet's advice on this one. I believe your bird could live a good life with one wing, and you will need to talk with your vet about their thoughts in the matter.

If fluid comes back positive for cancer, speak with vet about probabilities of getting it all out including surrounding tissue. If your vet does not see a good future for your precious bird, then you will need to "be there" for your bird regardless of what is asked of you. Sometimes we must let them go because they cannot be healed and are in pain and agony.

Please keep us informed as to what is happening and what you decide to do. If your bird's wing does have to be removed to save her life, then your responsibility toward her increases exponentially including being able to find her another home if necessary later on. I don't know your age, and Cockatoos can live 75 to 100 years depending on the species. I am having to face my own mortality with my two parrots, and it is a very scary prospect since there is so much abuse and neglect of these wonderful creatures going on out there.

You and your bird and your family are in our prayers, and we are asking for the highest and best good for all concerned which is ALL we are allowed to ask for. God Bless and Keep You and your Precious Bird friend safe from all harm,
Linda and Family

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