Sweet Feet Perches are Nice On Birds Feet and Tough On Nails

Sweet Feet Perches will keep your bird's nails trimmed for you and keep their feet healthy.

Sweet Feet Perches picture

Bird & Parrot SAFETY PERCH Pedicure
by Sweet Feet & Beak

New Generation of Bird & Parrot Perches!
Smooth on Top for your Parrots Comfort & Rough on Sides to Trim your Birds Claws!
In the jungle, birds are exposed to a wide variety of textured surfaces that are Mother Nature's way of keeping their nails and beaks conditioned.

The Safety Pedicure Perch is designed to simulate such textures for birds in a domestic environment. Unlike conventional perches, the Safety Pedicure Perch trims nails and beak, stimulates leg muscles, and promotes healthy feet.

The perch is easily installed and removed for fast cleaning with soap and water.

You choose the size you require but the color is provided depending on what is available at the time of purchase. You may make a request under the notes in the shopping cart however.

Colors Available: Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Blue and Brown.

5 Sizes

Perch Size

Bird Size


Extra Small


5/8" x 4.5"


Small - Medium

7/8`` x 6.5``



1" x 8.5"



1.25" x 13"

Extra Large

Large-Extra Large

2" x 13.5"

Sweet Feet Perch - Ex Small

Retail: $11.95
Our Price $8.95

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Sweet Feet Perch - Small

Retail: $13.95
Our Price $10.95

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Sweet Feet Perch - Medium

Retail: $15.95
Our Price $13.95

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Sweet Feet Perch - Large

Retail: $18.95
Our Price $15.95

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Sweet Feet Perch - Ex Large

Retail: $23.95
Our Price $20.95

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