swine flu?????

does SWINE FLU also have an effect on my 1yr 4month alexandrine parrot????? i am tensed please help me!!!

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Aug 11, 2009
Swine Flu
by: Linda

First of all, we cannot answer such a question. This is a question for your Avian Vet. Just call them as ask if this is one of the diseases birds can get from people. It is a virus, and birds can contract some of them from people and other animals--just don't know about this one.

The only thing I DO know about this is birds can pickup gram negative bacteria from us and other animals when sneezing, coughing or from hands having these things on them. Birds have only gram positive bacteria in their bodies while humans and all other animals have a large amount of gram negative. An overgrowth of gram negative bacteria in a bird's atmosphere and body can and does cause bacterial infections.

There are also airborne virus's some of which can infect birds, and this one is a question for your Avian vet. Keep your bird inside, do not carry it to pet stores or to other people's homes where they have birds present. In other words keep your bird away from potential infections of all kinds by playing it safe. Birdy "play dates" have caused more illness than almost any other factor. Birds from different households/pet stores are all carrying some type of gram negative bacteria or other potentially dangerous things. Birds in a household can exist and not become ill when used to a "certain" type and amount of gram negative bacteria. When one takes birds out of their homes and to other people's homes, then your bird may not be able to tolerate the gram negative bacteria in other homes. Keeping birds, dogs, cats and other animals separate from each other is always the best idea. If birds need playmates, get another bird. If your dogs and cats need a playmate, get another dog or cat.

So, please call Avian Vet and ask about the swine flu. I know there are no vaccines available for humans( at least, I think not yet), and so there are none for birds either. Your vet can instruct you as to what preventative vaccines ARE available for your bird. Basically, if you keep your bird at home and practice masking up and washing hands frequently when ill, bird will most likely stay germ free. Masking up when you have a cold or flu is A MUST when feeding, watering, cleaning cages, etc.

Thanks for writing,

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