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by AK

i just bought a Budgie (aka Parakeet) yesterday ans the pet store was feeding him seeds. I would like to switch him to pellets, when should I do this?

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Jun 17, 2011
Switching your new bird to pellets
by: Tracie

Congrats on the new bird! You can start switching your bird to pellets right away. You will be so glad you did. Before I learned about pellets and that avian vets even existed, my budgies never lived very long.

Here is the Switching Birds to Pellets article that Dr B wrote and would like you to read.

I do it a bit differently. I had a budgie that was actually weaned to pellets instead of seed, and I couldn't get him to try a seed for over a year. Patience is definitely needed for this process.

For birds I am trying to get to eat Harrison's pellets, I put a few pellets in the dish every single day. I count out like 6 pellets, so I can tell if they have been eaten.

Once it appears they are eating the pellets, I schedule a time for me to just put pellets in the dish first time of the morning and watch closely to see if they actually eat a pellet.

Until I see the bird actually eat a pellet, I don't assume they know it is food. Once I see the bird eat a pellet, then I start my "hard line" switch.

I empty the dish at night and put pellets in the dish before going to bed. That way when they get up at dawn starving, they only have pellets to eat. ;-) I do NOT add seed or treats until after lunch sometime. Then, if they have not eaten many pellets, I may wait until dinner time to add any seeds.

Let us know how it goes.

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