Swollen area above vent in male budgie

by Sheree

Hello, I have a male budgie who is almost 8 yo. He just recently is showing signs of a swollen area above the vent and behind his legs. About a year and a half ago the bottom half of his cere turned brown. I had read this was called Brown Hyperthrophy.

He is housed with a male bourke parrot and they get along very well. I had read that the hyperthrophy could be my budgies way of letting the bourke know he was not a threat but, it could also signal possible cancer of the testes. I was hoping for the latter considering he had no other symptoms.

They receive a great diet of seed, some pellets, egg food, veggies, pasta, cous cous, beans, rice, etc. And plenty of fresh water. As of a few days ago this swelling appeared. It is very squishy but there.

Have you ever had this happen before? I have a vet appt. scheduled but most are telling me there is nothing they can do. This little guy and I have a special bond and it will break my heart to lose him. Thank you for your time. Sheree

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Jan 17, 2009
Swollen area above vent in male budgie
by: The Vet

You should give the medications a chance to work and see if your bird improves. If not, then base your decision on his quality of life. If he is not improving and the tumor is growing and he is sleeping all of the time, not playing, not eating, then you may want to decide to euthanize him. That is a decision you should discuss with your Dr. since she knows more about the case.

Dr B

Jan 15, 2009
Vet Visit
by: Sheree

Dr. B,

I did take Kiki to an avian vet and she did xrays, cbc and blood panels. During all this she had him on oxygen because of the stress factor. She gave him a Lupron injection feeling this was cancer of the testes. He is also on 4 other meds
Baytril, Meloxicam, Fluconazole all 2x a day and Metronidazole once a day. Since his appt. I think the tumor has shrunk but the squishy area is still quite large. Poor little guy has lost weight (3 grams so far 43g - 40g), wants to sleep and be in his covered cage with heat all day. It breaks my heart. I have another appt. on Sat. for another CBC and another Lupron injection. My vet is very good but I have always felt that she is test crazy. I have spend almost 500 already with more to come. I want to do what's best for Kiki but I am wondering how this is effecting him. What do you suggest? Sheree

Dec 29, 2008
Swollen area above vent in male budgie
by: The Vet

Brown Hypertrophy refers to the changes that occur in adult females. In males, color change to the cere is not normal.

In nearly all cases it is an indication of testicular cancer.

Squishy does not describe a testicular tumor. That more describes fat.

You should have him looked at by a specialist. Board Certified Avian Veterinarians will have more experience with these cases and your bird has a better chance for a positive outcome.

Testicular tumors are generally not treatable. Surgery is usually not an option, but has been performed successfully in rare cases.

If it is fat, then a diet change may be necessary. They should be eating 75% pellets, 5% seeds, and the rest fresh foods. Harrison's is the best pellet you can feed them. Exercise will also reduce the fat. There are other things this could be, too.

Dr B

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