Swollen area around macaw eye

by Michelle
(Portland, OR)

My 15 year old severe macaw has a pinkish and swollen right eye, causing him to partially close it particularly at night, but during the day it would often look fine (even before medication.) When it is showing, is uniformly swollen around his eyeball in a way that makes it look chihuahua-like, but only sometimes and mostly at night. It has been going on for about 2 weeks.

I took him to my wonderful avian vet who performed an exam and fecal culture, which came out fine, she said his eye is clear and he can see out if it fine (ruling out cataracts) but she wasnt sure what it could be, mentioning maybe an irritation behind, maybe a cyst, or maybe something along the lines of an eye tumor. She sent me home with a 2X daily dose of Celebrex anti-inflammatory and I will see her again next week.

I am scouring the internet to find other cases with similar symptoms and coming up with nothing. The antiinflammatory is working and he will look perfectly normal for a while, but after 12 hours, before the next dose, the swelling becomes apparent again. What are some possibilities?

P.S. I have had him for 12 years and know him well; he has never displayed these symptoms before. At the vet, the symptoms became much more apparent after the stress of being handled.