swollen chest

by Kelly
(Hampton, VA)

My I just picked up my Sun Conure form the vet (boarding) and now I have noticed that his chest is swollen and hes not being himself (very fluffy,quiet and opens his mouth like he is gagging). I know that he ran out of food (ZuPreem) and had to give them their food (some kind of pelit). Do you think he is sick? Is it something that the vet could have done?

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May 28, 2011
Swollen chest
by: Jennifer vasquez

I know that all bird have an air sac that will swell when air becomes caught in there well to much air for that matter u need to take your bird back and have the vet check it because it sounds lke your bird is struggling to breathe when they keep opening their mouth like that it's because it's struggling to breathe since the air sac is filled to the max it can't take in that much air needs medical attention ASAP I was told that u can actually get a needle that has been sanitized properly and poke a small hole in the chest and the air will come out and you'll be able to hear the air look that up I saw that on YouTube I had a bird that when I found out what was wrong with it time had run out it died

Jul 27, 2009
Bird with swollen chest
by: Tracie

I don't know that the vet would have done anything, because it was likely his/her staff that cared for the bird.

Since you just picked the bird up, I would take the bird back first thing tomorrow morning and have the vet examine the bird. Since the bird came home sick, it seems they should be interested in what may have happened while the bird was there.

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