swollen eyelid on my cocateils eyelid

by Mary

hello, I just noticed that one of my five month old cocatiels eyelid is red and swollen. I don't think it has been this way for long but am worried because she is scratching it a lot. I do not want her to suffer yet one problem is she is not a hand raised bird, she was parent raised so she gets frightened when I try to pick her up. There are four babies in all and being new to this I had'nt realized the disadvantages of allowing the parents to raise the own. of course I have 20/20/ hindsight but that does me no good.

I was wondering two things: first what do I need to do to help out the one bird with her eye condition? does she need a vet no matter what? And also I am wondering if there is a bird rescue in San Diego, Ca? I havent found anyone who is interested in taking them because they are not hand raised but six birds has turned out to be too much for my household. I am grateful for any help I can get.

Thank you, Mary

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Sep 06, 2012
Cockatiel with swollen eyelid
by: Tracie

Unfortunately you need to take the bird to an avian vet, because there is no way Dr B or anyone can tell you what is causing this or what the treatment is. If the bird develops an infection, it will be very bad and maybe deadly.

I would call some breeders that advertise birds in your local paper and ask them about a good bird rescue. Some are really not rescues at all, but just take peoples birds and sell them to make money. They don't take the birds to an avian vet to make sure they are healthy or even take good care of the birds.

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