Swollen Face?

by Emily

Today, my cockatiel hit into a window. I thought he was dead, but he just knocked himself out. I put him back in his cage, so he could rest, when he woke up. I came back, 5 hours later, and his eyes are swollen shut, and there's a white-ish line above his beak, that also appears to be swollen.
I'm not sure what to do.
Help please!

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Aug 11, 2010
Swollen Face?
by: Linda

While at the Avian Vet, please have them trim your bird's primary flight feathers. These are the 6 long ones at the end of each wing. Do not trim any higher up as this cripples the bird and causes a great deal of chronic pain.

Birds should not be allowed to fly around the home as this is what happens again and again. Once the wings are clipped properly, your bird will glide down to the floor as it will not have enough lift to fly, and so make sure any other pets are outside or locked in another room when bird is out of cage.


Aug 10, 2010
Bird injured
by: Tracie

You MUST get the bird to an avian vet ASAP! That is what you need to do. Nobody can help your bird over the Internet.

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