swollen nose

by Curt Weibel
(Horsham , Sussex , UK)

We have had our African Grey (Rocky) for over twenty years now and about 7 years ago we took him to the vet because around every six months he would get an infection of some sort up inside one of his nostrals.
This would burst and release puss and a little blood then go away for another six months ?
The vet took him in and he returned to us later in the day a bit shaken , as expected and you could see that things had gone on inside his nose !
The vet was not really very sure of what it was or why ..
Anyway , it was a bit swollen , but went down , almost back to normal , but still a bit swollen.
This swelling has never dissappeared around the nostral and has in fact been getting bigger over the last couple of years ? It is now around the size of a half a pea .
It gives him no obvious problems or pain and we just wondered if we should worry about it ?
The puss & blood from inside has not returned.

I have sent a picture ... I hope ?

Many thanks ,
Curt & Shelley - Sussex - UK

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Aug 28, 2008
BBQ Spare ribs ?
by: Anonymous

I think the vet was actually being sarcastic when he said see you in seven years ...
In fact I know he expects us to visit regularly in future !

The vet we use is one of , if not the best in the whole of Europe , and very well known in the parrot world. You may have even heard of John Jones ?
Rocky is now looking much better and hopefully this will not come back ..

Rocky's Food : every day ...

~ Top quality Parrot seed mix from a breeder.
~ "Pretty Bird" Specific African Grey dry food.
~ Two palm nuts every day. (his favourite)
~ A mix of fruit - grapes / oranges / apples /
Kiwi fruit
~ Loves apple & orange juice !
~ Also gets a multi vit treatment in his water.
~ One bad thing he likes is a BBQ spare rib bone !

So as you can see he has a varied diet !

We are expecting to move to Corfu in Greece in the next couple of years , and to be honest I am a little worried about his diet then , but with the internet I hope we can keep him happy ...
He doesn't like olives ! or vegetables at all !

Thanks again for your help ...
Sussex , England.

Aug 27, 2008
Don't wait 7 years please
by: The Vet

I hope that you do not wait seven years to have him looked at again! Birds need to be seen annually or check ups and vaccinations.

The problem your bird had is called a rhinolith. Often times these are related to chronic sinusitis, nutritional deficiencies, and poor air quality or ventilation.

What exactly are you feeding? I don't trust that your "avian veterinarian" knows what to recommend if he is suggesting that you come in only every seven years?

I recommend feeding Harrison's pellets as 80-85% of the diet, and the rest can be any variety of treats.

Thank you for the update.

Dr B

Aug 26, 2008
We have been to the vet !
by: Curt

Thank you for your help ...
We have been to the vet who immediately knew that it was a blockage of the nose passage due to mucus collecting dust and going hard up inside his nose! You would not believe how much crusty , nasty stuff came out !!
He also had an antibiotic shot ...
Rocky did shout a bit but the vet said it should all be ok now and to come back in another seven years !!
The vet said the diet we were feeding was better than most , which was good to hear.
Thanks again for pointing us in the right direction ...

Aug 24, 2008
Swollen nares, need an avain vet
by: The Vet

Yes, you need to be concerned about this. You should also be seeing your avian veterinarian once every year; 7 years between visits is TOO LONG.

The picture is good enough for me to able to give you some possible differentials. This could be caused by a vitamin A deficiency. If your bird is not eating pellets, you need to convert him immediately. Harrison's is the best you can feed. Vitamin A deficiencies will cause swelling and growths on the face and in the mouth.

Another possibility is an Aspergilllus fungal infection. This is very common in greys. Also other infections such as bacteria can cause this kind of swelling. You need to have an AVIAN veterinarian look at your bird and perform some diagnostic techniques to determine the cause.

I would also like to add that using a water bottle instead of a bowl will reduce the chances for bacterial infections. Bottles are more sanitary than bowls. In order to prevent bacteria from growing in dishes, the dish needs to be changed every 3 hours at a minimum. Bottles are much better.

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