swollen stomach

by Jacquelyn LeGros
(Saint Augustine, Fl)

This picture was about 6 yrs. ago

This picture was about 6 yrs. ago

We have an African Grey that is now 14 years old. Quite a talker and loves to sing and whistle. For four days, doesn't talk, whislte or sing and then on Monday he threw up his water so we took him to an Exotic Bird Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

They did Xrays on him and blood work and said that his Liver and Kidneys are fine. They do see a "dark" spot in front of his heart and tomorrow they are going to do an upper GI on him. They, also, said that his stomach seems to be swollen.

I'm wondering what would cause his stomach to swell up like this? Could he have a Bacterial Infection of some sort. We did board him for one week in January while we went to a doll show, but, we always board him at the place we took him to. The Bird Hospital is, also, giving him injections of Antibiotics daily.

He does seem to be thinner than the picture that I have attached to this question.

Can you please help?

Thank you,

Jacquelyn LeGros

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Jun 14, 2015
Enlarged Stomach
by: David Yau

My bird Coco also shows an enlarged stomach on Xray, with losing of appetite, watery stool with undigested food, and high white blood cells counts, and losing weight... My vet was thinking my bird has PDD so more test samples will be sent to Guelph tomorrow.

At the meantime the antibiotic Enrofloxacin and the medicine Colchicine to low down her uric acid seems to increase her appetite and energy but she still losing balance and lack of energy and of course can't talk etc.

I am just wondering if enlarged stomach from Xray can also be from other factors other than PDD? And if she has PDD, what will be my options? I heard that there is no cure for PDD at the moment so I am a little worry about the test result tomorrow and also wonder if my bird will ever talk again if after this cure.


Mar 29, 2009
Home again!
by: Anonymous

Well, Triston is now home from the bird Hospital and she is still very weak, but, is on two Oral meds which we mix in with the Baby Bird formula and she loves taking that from the syringe. She is, also, getting two shots a day and we have a friends that has an Aviary and a bird store and she is coming to our home to administer Triston's shots every day for three weeks. I feel so badly for her getting sooo many shots, but, it has to be done. They think that she has Asparillgus (sp?) from eating raw peanuts in the shell. I know that we will never eve give her peanuts again in her lifetime!!!

Thank you for answering my questions regarding Triston's health problems. She is eating very good, but, doesn't want to play with her toys or her bells. I'm hoping that they didn't break her spirit!

Jacquelyn LeGros

Mar 20, 2009
African Grey with swollen stomach
by: The Vet

There are many things that can cause these symptoms. I cannot give you a diagnosis because I have not seen your bird and I do not have the results of the rest of the blood values or the x-rays. Certainly antibiotics should be given, and contrast x-rays are a good diagnostic tool. I would have on my differential list a disease called PDD (Proventricular Dilatation Disease) and I would do a blood test to look for the virus that is suspect in cases of PDD.

Has your bird been vaccinated? Since he boards that is something that is vital to protect him and other birds from polyomavirus. Do you bring him in for annual check ups? What is his diet? Does he drink from a water bottle? Does he go other places to be exposed to other birds?

Dr B

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