swollen under lower beak

by Iskrena Savova

Please help!!! My African Gray Parrot is swollen just below the lower beak. ( a few dayz ago it bumped onto the window as it was flying).This swelling moves the part of the skin covered with feathers that follows right where the beak ends a bit down and the place looks as if feathers plugged out. I wonder if I can relate the swelling to this accident??? It is not making any sounds since then, no bleeding.It is eating normally, but having diarrhea, looking somewhat sleepy.Any ideas?

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Mar 06, 2010
Swelling under beak after accident
by: Tracie

You must take your bird to an avian vet quick. Not making noise and runny poop is NOT good. I am sorry to hear about the accident. I hope your vet will be able to make everything better.

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