swollwed plastic!

by maddy

my indian ringneck which is less thqn about 1 month old has swallowed the plastic cap of the feeding bottle. it has struck inside his crop(stomach) what can i do?? please suggest something.

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Apr 14, 2015
swollwed plastic!
by: Sandra D Singh

I do hope that this bird was able to get to a vet in time to remove the plastic; I prayed for him/her.

Alex I live in Toronto and these cat and dog vets around where I live seemed to be only for the money; they're heartless! They don't seem to care that a pet could be dying; what a shame. Thank you Alex and God bless.

Apr 12, 2015
Cat & Dog Vets
by: Alex

Luckily where I live, the cat and dogs vets will see the birds. (They have a few avian patients, but are predominantly mammal vets.)

They are very friendly and always state that they will never turn a patient away.

I am sorry to hear of your experience Sandra.

Also, don't worry about the credit mistake. We are all here to help bird parents.

Apr 11, 2015
Correction to swollwed plastic!
by: Sandra D Singh

Correction to my comment before, I said according to Tracie when I should've said according to Alex; sorry about that.
It was Alex that said "You need to get to an avian vet immediately. If you don't have one a cat and dog vet will have to do, but DO NOT wait".

Apr 11, 2015
swallowed plastic!
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear of this. I do hope that you did get your bird to an Avian Vet or even a cat and dog's vet on time (you'd be very lucky if a cat and dog vet would've seen your bird); I hope that your bird is better now.
Unfortunately accidents do happen so try not to beat up yourself about this; NO ONE is perfect including you and I. One thing I must mention though; when these unfortunate things happen, we have to think and act as quickly as possible. Try to get the bird to a vet immediately. If not you’ll have a dead bird on your hands. Birds can die within minutes; time is crucial when these things happen to our dear little ones. Asking on the internet? NO TIME FOR THAT BUT RUSH TO A VET!

The reason I said that you'd be very lucky if you got a cat and dog vet to see your bird; recently there was an incident with my bird. According to Tracie if you don't have an Avian Vet a cat and dog vet will have to do, but DO NOT wait and she's right. BUT the question is, would a cat and dog vet see your bird? Only last week I was watching The Young and The Restless at 4.30 pm and my Amazon was playing nearby. He fell and somehow one of his toenail broke and was bleeding. I immediately got up and put some corn flour on his toenail and held it firmly but the bleeding didn’t stop and I didn’t wait another minute.
First I called a cab then put my bird into his carrier and grabbed hold of my Winter Coat and handbag (I didn’t put on my coat, neither did I comb my hair although my bird was sitting on my head earlier on). I put on my boots and by that time the cab had arrived. As soon as I sat in the cab I called my bird's doctor and told the girl who was at the front desk what had happened. She told me that his doctor wasn’t in office and wouldn’t be coming. I asked if there were any other doctors that can help stop the bleeding. She said "no there are NO VETS in the office right now but a cat and dog vet maybe on his way, he was supposed to be here awhile now and I haven’t seen him yet". I asked if she can do something to help she said no I can't so I said would you please call me when he shows up? She said yes I will but she never called.
I went there anyway hoping that if the expected vet wasn’t there she would try to find a vet that can help.
The cab took 10 minutes to reach the office and while I was paying the fare she came out on the pavement. She said "Miss Singh the vet didn’t come and I don’t think that he’s coming but there’s another vet 3 blocks away". I asked if she had their phone number she said she didn’t and directed me to the other vet's office. I continued with the same cab to the other vet and soon we were there so I paid the fare and dropped off. I was hoping that a vet at that place would've helped my bird but I was in for a very rude awakening.
When I walked in at the front desk a lady was sitting and I said good day miss I’m Sandra and I’m hoping you can help me please. My bird has damaged his toenail and he’s bleeding; is there a vet that can help him? "She said here is for cats and dogs you’ll have to get a bird vet", and she left me standing there and walked away. As I was about to walk out the door I saw a gentleman with a stethoscope around his neck. I said good day sir can you please help my bird he broke a toenail and he’s bleeding. He said you’ll have to find another vet; we don’t see birds in here. I then said sir please he’s bleeding and he may die if it continues, can’t you just have a look and see if you can stop the bleeding please sir. He said NO; I said what would you do if a dog nail is broken can’t you do the same thing for my bird please. I know you’re not qualified to see birds but I’ll sign a form giving my consent and that I’m responsible if anything should happen, would you please sir. He said "I TOLD YOU WE DON'T SEE BIRDS IN HERE"! Such a rough manner I think, how heartless can some doctors be?
A gentleman saw my tears and said miss go to Pet Smart and they’d give you something to stop the bleeding. I took another cab and went to Pet Smart and told the Cashier what had happened. She did not walk but "ran" from behind the counter and got a bottle of Kwik Stop and handed me and said put this powder quickly on his nail(she did not ask me to pay first although that system is in place). I applied the medication on my bird’s toenail and the bleeding immediately stopped. I then paid for the medication and thanked her immensely. My daughter was there to meet us and we all went home. I always admire people with good hearts and this Cashier at Pet Smart is one of them that I'll never forget. I’ll be taking her a gift very soon for being so swift and kind; I do hope that she’d accept it. She acted as if my bird was her very own. May the Lord bless her and her family always.

By the way I wrote my story in detail so others may learn something from it; I've learned a lot from that experience; thank God my bird was better within 3 days.

Apr 10, 2015
by: Alex

Like Tracie has said, this is a potentially life and death EMERGENCY and you cannot hang around.

The longer it i in their the more likely you are ti have a dead bird.

You need to get to an avian vet immediately. If you don't have one a cat and dog vet will have to do, but DO NOT wait,and DO NOT try to remove it yourself.

Apr 10, 2015
Bird has cap stuck in crop
by: Tracie

This is an emergency! Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

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