Sydney - Cockatoo

by Liz
(Anchorage, Alaska)

Sydney - Cockatoo

Sydney - Cockatoo

We adopted Sydney 3 years ago...he is about 25 years old and a total joy....we have had our bouts, when he gets irritated he likes to bite me on my shoulder...sometimes really hard...otherwise he is a great pet. He is loud as heck at times, loves to scream and then say "bad bird"

I keep lots of wood and dice toys in his cage to keep him busy while I am at work.

He loves his "comfort" food. Every night when I get home we have this routine, he gets either cooked rice or mashed potatoes and then cooked green peas...he eats off a fork, will NOT eat any other way...He also likes mashed yams or sweet potatoes.

We also feed him a seed mixture that has egg protien mixed in.

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Jun 17, 2013
by: Liz

Oh my, I had no idea that his diet was bad for him!! I am starting immediately with the pellets!! He is such a picky eater, he does love breads tho and I am going to try your bread recipie this weekend...

he will eat rice, yams, pasta and eggs but very little and not often.

The only fruits I can get him to eat is apple or bananna and he eats very little of that too.

I do steam his peas and carrots and I cook them up usually 2 days at a time worth.

He was checked 2 months ago by an avian vet and I was told he was fine.

Any other suggestions would be so appreciated!! I printed out the Switching to pellets intructions and am starting this evening!!

I thank you again for the tips, I want to keep my baby happy!!

Jun 15, 2013
Sydney - Cockatoo
by: Linda

Your bird sounds like he is well loved, but allow me to tell you that the diet he's on is horrible with a capital H. Do not feed mashed potatoes because all they are is starch. Basically cooked veggies of all kinds have no nutritional value as vitamins and minerals have been cooked out of them. If you are steaming peas and other veggies, they will have more to them. White potatoes do not need to be part of any bird's diet. Sweet potatoes can be baked and fed in small amounts a few times a week. Seeds are a starvation diet for any parrot regardless of what they may have in them.

You will need to begin to change your bird over to organic pellets and Harrisons, found here, is the best and Avian Vet recommended. It does take time to make the change and below is a link on how to go about this. First order is to stop with all the empty calories and begin to feed your bird for his health and well being.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Before any dietary changes, please have your bird thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area. Have him checked for infections as well as basic bloodwork done to check how organs are functioning.His present diet is a setup for liver disease as well as kidney issues.

Harrisons makes a wonderful bird bread mix which will help with the transition to a 100% healthy diet. Get the Sunshine Factor Organic Red Palm Oil for the oil mix calls for and it also uses two whole eggs and water. I bake it up, slice it up and keep out a day or two's worth of it and freeze the rest. Keep in refrigerator only what bird will eat in a day or two. Thaw out slices as needed. This bread can be up to 30% of total diet and works very well while changing over to the pellets. It gives them the "special food" they need and also love. Parrots need to be eating 80-85% organic pellets with only 10-15% of total diet in fruit or veggies which means small amounts a few times a week.

Please do take offense with my suggestions because we are here for the birds and the people who love them. I know you want the best of health for your precious bird, so please start today to make this a reality. Cockatoos can live up to 80-100 years eating a healthy diet that provides 100% nutrition. Poor diet takes many years' off a bird's life, and they are never as happy as they can be.

Thank You for writing and for beginning the best thing you will ever do for your bird.


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