by Ali
(Long Beach,CA)

Toughi sitting on top of a chair

Toughi sitting on top of a chair

Hello there:

Let me first, and before, addressing my question give thanks to the providers of this beautiful and informational site about parrots in general, since, I, myself am very new to having birds as pets...but we're loving it.

My wife and I, have recently purchased a 3 months old hand-fed and Tamed Indian Ring neck parrot "toughi" and we're loving him (although still is a little too early, but indications appears to be a male) this is an addition to our other pet Pepsi, a Maltese dog. We have also purchased him a nice sized cage; however, we got an offer from a friend if we are willing to adopt a 3 months old,also, hand-fed and Tamed Yellow sided green Cheek Conure, as well?

My question is, if we do get the yellow sided Conure then Is it going to be possible to place them both in the SAME CAGE from the begining and let them growup together? What is the best procedeer to do this? What are the pros and cons? Would be any jealousy issues do deal with in the future, since, we're already dealing some issues from Pepsi towards toughi? Please help us by giving us straight forward,and NOT diplomatic answers to our questions. Thank you and God bless you.

Best Regards,


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Jun 09, 2009
by: Linda

Dear Ali, this information will be straight forward, and I am very thankful for people like you who wish to know the facts and not have it sugar-coated.

First of all, you need to do some reading and studying about the bird you have now. You can find good books here and other places on the internet. You must educate yourselves BEFORE even thinking about getting another bird. More is NOT always merrier, and in this case, you need to get to know your new bird, understand what his needs are both physical, emotional and mental.

I also suggest you take him to a qualfied Avian Vet asap so he can be checked out for infections or inner and outer parasites. Your baby needs you now, and he needs you all to himself. Later after some months or a year with you, he may be okay with a new friend, just not now because neither you nor he is ready for another bird. If he is to be left alone all day while you work, then another bird in a separate cage might work, just not together. Also they will both need to be taken to Avian vet asap. If one of you is able to stay home, there is not a need for another companion bird at this time.

No, you cannot put two strange birds together as this sometimes results in the death of one or both birds. Birds, like people, have to get to know one another before being put in each others' space, and any new birds will need their own cage and space.

You sound like caring, loving people, so "do your homework", learn all you can about your parrot and parrots in general. Learn what is best to feed them, how to bathe them, what kinds of toys are safe and how to handle them.You have to learn about them by reading and asking questions like you are doing now. There is much information to be found on the internet about all kinds of parrots, so look for books and other material. Your bird is now a part of your family, and you must learn to love and respect what and who he is before moving onto another bird.

To recap, make an appointment with an Avian Vet so your new baby can be checked out for infections or other problems. His diet should be an organic pelleted one like Harrisons which Traci carries out here. Seed diets are not nutritionally healthy, and the lack of vitamins and minerals can cause problems now and in the future.

I was a novice once, and spent many hours reading every bit of information I could find. Now some 40 years later, I STILL have a lot to learn as the parrots are a continuing education project. They are complex creatures having the mental and emotional development of a 4-5 year old human child.

Thanks for asking for help, and let us know how your little one is doing.

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