symtoms a bird hasw hen it has parasites

by karen

what symptoms does a bird have when they have parasites

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May 10, 2009
Bird with parasites symptoms
by: The Vet

That depends on if you are talking about internal parasites such as worms, or external parasites such as mites. I have never diagnosed external parasites on more than one bird that was not a budgie. I have seen many budgies with mites, but no other parasites. Mites generally cause the bird to be very itchy. They also have scaling on their beak and feet. Other external parasites can be lice, which you can sometimes see crawling on their feathers. Lice is very rare in parrots.

Internal parasites may show no symptoms at all. A bird could have diarrhea, weight loss, general malaise, and maybe vomiting.

For any of these conditions, or if you suspect there is a problem with your bird, then you need to make an appointment with an avian veterinarian soon.

Dr B

May 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

Depends on whether inside or outside. Outside, they will scratch continually and have inflamed areas where they have scratched or where the parasite is living on them. For inside, there will be stomach upsets, runny stools and other symptoms.

Best advice is to get your bird to an avian vet and have testing done to see if it has a bacterial infection or a parasitic problem. Don't try and treat this yourself or on the advice of any laypeople as we are NOT doctors and cannot lawfully give advice about treating a sick bird. Make an appointment for a general checkup and discuss your concerns after proper testing has been done. Vet will then offer you options for getting your bird well.


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