TAG behavior

by Zana
(San Diego)

My TAG, Pepper, is a 3yr old female I purchased from a local aviary a cpl months ago. Great bird. I am curious about her behavior, simply bc my IRN, and Amazon have never done this.

Pepper will put her head down, facing to the side... one eye pointed to the floor, the other eye pointed to the ceiling, but her head is less than 1/4 in off the ground. Then literally she will turn in circles.

As cute and funny as this is, I am also curious about what this could mean.

Her diet is all natural seed and dried food mix. She's also eating people food with the family at meal time, such as fruits, veggies, white meat, eggs grains. She's also got a supplment which is to be mixed with seed.

She gets more then 4 hrs out of her cage per day, with human interaction, if not most the day. Each day she is introduced to one new thing to stimulate her. She appears to be very healthy, very gentle, and content.

She does this randomly, without reason. Doesn't appear to be in pain,and has healthy appetite. She was very phobic when we brought her home from the aviary, as this was in fact her "first home". She appears to adapt to things within reason if not right away. She's still got slight phobia, but she's much better about most things.
4 people in the house interact with her. They've all witness her head tilting and circling.

None of us can find rhyme or reason as to why she does this. Any ideas?

(Pepper was properly "sexed" by our local aviary)

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Dec 23, 2011
African Grey behavior
by: The Avian Vet

Turning circles could be play behavior, but also may be a neurological condition. You need to have her examined by an avian specialist. Find an Avian Vet

The supplements can be a contributing factors. Many African greys can have reactions to preservatives. You need to be feeding a pellet diet as 80% of the total diet. ( Harrison's or Roudybush pellets are best.) 20% can be treats, including those items you have mentioned. This behavior can also be associated with low calcium, and the diet you describe is certainly low in calcium as well as the other nutrients important in the uptake of calcium.

It is time that an avian veterinarian take a look at your bird to determine if there is a problem and what it is.

Nov 28, 2011
Pepper's Diet
by: Zana

Pepper's diet is pretty basic, there's no sodium added to her food, fresh cooked, or otherwise. We dont use butter or oils when she is fed human food. My other birds, the IRN (Sunshine), my amazon (Doc) all do really well with the same diet. Certain human foods (like protiens) are still very limited. She's on a seed mix by "Super Parrot", it's got seeds, dried veggies, and pellets. I'm not sure her diet could be the issue.

I will however see about getting her a bag of just pellet food (as suggested)from the aviary, and trying her on that reguardless of behavior. I want my birds to remain as healthly as possible.

If Dr. B has any ideas or suggestions about her silly behavior, and or what it means, when he's able to give input, I'd appr. reading about it. :)

Thank you for the diet suggestion, I will give it a try.

Nov 28, 2011
Strange bird behavior - bird eats human food
by: Tracie

Hopefully Dr B will answer this eventually, he has not answered questions for quite some time and I am not sure why. He may be out of town.

I DO know that he will suggest that you convert your bird to a healthy pellet diet and stop the people food and any supplements. People food and supplements can cause all kinds of health problems that may cause weird behaviors also.

Here is the Switching Birds To Pellets article that Dr B suggests that you read and we also have other articles on our Parrot Training page you should read.

Dr B suggests that you feed either Harrison's or Roudybush pellets.

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