TAGS and CAGS mating?

by dgiedt
(westbury, ny)

Has anyone heard of a cag and tag mating to produce an offspring?

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Jan 04, 2010
TAGS and CAGS mating?
by: Linda

Well, sorry to say I've never heard of that particular hybrid. Why in the world would you want to do that anyway? I'm not sure the breeding would be successful and unless the hen is the Congo, the smaller Timneh will not be able to lay the eggs as they may be too large.

I always vote for keeping the lines pure even though there has been a lot of hybrid breeding with the Macaws. I think it is wrong from a genetic point of view and the ramifications of hybrid breedings will take years and years to start showing the ill effects of this type of cross breeding.

Keep your Congo and your Timneh pure bred and look for mates for each of them if you want to breed or just for one of them. I discourage breeding the parrots anyway as the market is flooded, and the parrot situation is getting very much like the dog and cat situation--too many birds for too few homes. You never know where your babies will end up and what abuse and neglect they may have to endure for many, many years. I believe we should take care of the ones already out there like we're doing in dog and cat rescue and leave the breeding alone for the most part. That is just my opinion, and comes from many years of knowing birds end up in some of the most intolerable situations you could ever imagine.

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