Tail Feathers Gone

by Phyllis

My concur Parrot just turned a year old and his tail feathers was falling out then knew would come back but now they have fell out and none to be seen. His name is Oliver. He is very happy plays climbs. eats well I have a bowl of Pellets at all times in cage and feed him couple peanuts in shell I got at bird store and he eats thawed veg. fresh blue berries and strawberries and cherrios. Why is his tail feathers gone???

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Apr 27, 2012
Bird keeps losing tail feathers
by: Tracie

I don't know. If you allow your parrot out of the cage on the floor or around people that try to grab the bird, it could be that it released it's feathers due to almost being stepped on or someone grabbing at the bird. (Or even a dog or cat jumping at the bird.)

If you do not have any of the above situations, then you will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be. Your bird may have a disease.

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