tail feathers skewed, limping..

by Karen

Yesterday morning my YN Amazon bit my thumb, I dropped him.. he fell to the floor, I immediately noticed his tail feathers were off to the side. When I picked him up, three tail feathers fell out with others looking as though they would.

Throughout the day he was stressed, quiet, he rested all day, barely ate, just a small bit of wet, white poop.

This morning he is acting "normal" yet limping. He's yet to wag his tail, stretch it or even preen those feathers. He ate very well this morning, is "talking" and doesn't seem to be in pain. Do they feel pain? I can't tell if his limp is from a hurt foot or has something to do with the tail feathers which are still a bit skewed.. like they don't fit right anymore.

Still waiting for a decent poop. It's Sunday, I plan on calling my vet tomorrow also. Am worried that his tail feathers are messing with his ability to poop, is this crazy?

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Feb 23, 2010
an update
by: Karen

My precious parrot is recovering well. He's been showing no signs of distress or pain, I believe we'll all get through this.

Linda, although I appreciate your concern to let the "world" know that we should never THROW our birds, notice I wrote "dropped." I have 17 years with this bird, have read all parrot behavior books, etc., I understand your comments, however, you did not provide me with anything helpful...

...e.g. birds will release feathers under dire circumstances. In this case it was his tail feathers. It's a little tough to find balance when your tail isn't working as it should, thus the limp.

Problems with his pooping were stress related, it improved the following day, back to normal in a day and a half.

I spoke with my Vet, was told what to look for in regards to any pain (if he picked at a certain area). It's been just over a week now, am still watching him carefully, if I see anything disturbing with the regrowth of his tail feathers, he will be taken to his doctor.

Feb 14, 2010
tail feathers skewed, limping..
by: Linda

First of all, please call your Avian Vet as soon as you can and take your bird into see them. Your bird is hurt on the outside and possibly has an internal injury from being dropped to the floor.

Secondly, of course they feel pain, just like you do. They hurt when they are injured or sick, and they hurt when they are thrown to the floor. Birds have rougly the emotional and mental development of a 4-5 year old human child, and so they also can be hurt emotionally and mentally by rough treatment.

When a bird bites, you are supposed to gently move toward or into the bird so he will let go. You cannot jerk back and throw the bird away from you because this can break bones and cause the bird a lot of pain and agony. He may have internal injuries which is why his poop is not normal. He could also already have been sick which is why he bit you in the first place. If he is sick and has not been to the Avian Vet yet, then he would be irritable when handled because he is sick.

Please see your Avian vet as soon as you can possibly get your bird in there as he may have internal injuries and possibly a broken leg. The broken tail feathers will also need to be taken care of by the Avian Vet.


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