Tail in ari

by Sylvia Cook
(Woodbridge Va.)

I have a Rose Bourke parakeet {Jack} who I beleave to be a female. Every day I chirp at Jack and Jack chirps back at me in little squeakie chirps. Jack,s back tail feathers start to go up has her chest gets closer to the floor. This is the only time I can pet her from head to tail, any other time she just wants to walk on me and pick. She seems to be in a trance at this time. Is Jack trying to tell me somthing , or is this some type of a behavior?

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Aug 25, 2008
Rosey Bourke question
by: Tracie

Hello Sylvia,

I have a hand fed, extremely friendly, Rosey Bourke's Parakeet too! It is the family favorite because of it's personality.

Even though Pink, our Rosey Bourke, wants to be out with us all day, he/she does not like to be petted either. He is soooo soft, I get my one swipe down his back in when I get him out of the cage. LOL

As I get him out, I pet him just before he jumps to my shoulder. I do the same thing when I am putting him back in the cage. I am hoping that some day he will sit still for more. :-)

Pink will often sit on our shoulder or on the little feed dish next to me on my desk and look like he is in a trance too. I think they do this when they are content. He fluffs out a bit when he does this and sometimes takes a nap.

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