Tail is contracting up and down

(San Mateo, CA)

Hi, we bought 2 budgies back in September. We thought that they were both male, but they really could be boy and girl too, since they seem to snuggle alot.

One of the budgies recently has been acting a bit different with his tail. His (or her) tail seems to be pointed straight down and it seems to contract up and down a bit.

I have made an appointment with an aviary vet, but not for today. I am wondering if this is something that we should be concerned about (and possibly warn our children about gently) or not. What could it be? Is it normal?

Thank you.

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Dec 17, 2011
Tail bobbing
by: The Avian Vet

Snuggling does not necessarily mean they are a pair.

This is not normal and should be looked at by an avian veterinarian.

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Nov 17, 2011
Tail contracting up & down.
by: Anne

This is normal for Budgies to snuggle up together but you have done the right thing in going to see an Avian Vet.
It could be that it is a female & possibly going to lay an egg.
Hopefully she is more than a year old as this is the age when they can start to breed.

Nov 17, 2011
Tail is contracting up and down
by: Linda

Take both birds to be examined for infections by an Avian Vet because if one is sick, then the other is also sick as infections are highly contageous.

Birds get well from infections if diagnosed and given proper medication by an Avian Vet, so there is no need to begin preparing children for loss of their pets at this point. We recommend all new birds be taken for an examination with an Avian Vet the first few days we have them because a lot of pet store birds are already sick and need medical attention right away.

Remember to take both birds in when you go because if one is sick then so is the other.

Thanks for writing and let us know what Avian Vet has to say and what they find,

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