Taking bird on a trip

by John Nordgaard
(Reno, NV)

I Want To Be a Good Dad but I Don't Wanna Be Stoopid, Either. My 5 yr old Senegal male misses me when I'm not home! Normally very cheerful he just clams up. He seems to love short trips of 20-30 minutes with me in the car even out of his cage on my shoulder (no freeways without being in a cage, however). WOULD I BE doing him harm if I were to try and take him on an 11 hour (each way) car trip with about 4 days between car rides? I would have fruit, crackers and water and even a towel to give him some "rest" if need be?! I've only had Cap'n Jack about 3 months but it seems like 3 years we enjoy each other that much. ANY advice pro or con would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you... Jack's Human

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May 12, 2011
Taking bird on a trip
by: Linda

Dear Jack's Human: Yes, he could go with you on the trip, and make sure he is kept in a travel cage at all times. Having birds out while driving is very dangerous for you and the bird, so get a nice sized travel cage for him as Tracie suggested. She has some here you may wish to look at. Discount Travel Bird Cages

The other issue you are going to run into is water will not stay in either a dish or a water bottle as car movement shakes it out of a water bottle and empties a dish. You'll need to stop every few hours and give Jack fresh water you have brought from home along with a healthy pellet, fruit or veggie treat. Do not feed him crackers as these are full of fat and salt and empty calories. I say water from home because changing bird's water is not a good idea as they can develop digestive upsets similar to humans when they are changing water supplies on vacation or moving across country. Get a 5 gallon container or two from Wal-Mart or wherever and fill with fresh water not from hose but from house water before trip and use it for Jack's drinking water on the entire trip. If you have to, you can mix a bit of strange water in with the home water, but be careful about this because you have no idea how various places treat or don't treat their water supply. If you buy already bottled water, get the Spring water because it is usually made from your hometown water supply or one close to you. Do not use water with no minerals in it because birds have to have some minerals in their water.

So, he has to be kept inside a travel cage at all times while in a moving vehicle. He needs to have his wings clipped by an Avian Vet before trip to make sure he does not become frightened of something and fly away during you vacation. Just the long primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing are enough with no need to clip higher. Clipping only those allows bird to gently glide down and not fall like a rock and will not allow him enough lift to fly off and become lost.

Have a safe and wonderful trip with your new best friend and let us know how it went when you both return safely home,


May 11, 2011
Traveling with your bird
by: Tracie

Taking your bird with you is a wonderful idea! I suggest your travel cage have familiar items in it, but don't hang toys that swing until you reach your destination so that he doesn't get knocked off his perch while you are driving.

You need to seatbelt the cage in the car, like you would a baby carrier. We have to put towels under the cage to level it in our car.

Thanks for consider this, it is not stupid at all.

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