Taking to Vet while sitting on her eggs

by Nadine
(Central NY)

My sun conure has been plucking her feathers. She was doing it last spring and I took her to the vet. He didn't see any medical signs that something was physically wrong with her. We sprayed her and was able to stop her from picking. However she started up again and I can't get her to stop.

She laid two eggs (She's single - no male bird) and I noticed her picking her feathers while sitting on her eggs. (She does have chew toys and rope that she has on the bottom of her cage like a nest).

I called the vet and they want me to bring her in. My concern is how traumatic will it be to take her off her eggs for that long? Has anyone had to do that before? She comes out for me for a minute or two before returning to her eggs. When I called the vet's office, I did mention my concern about taking her off her eggs. I didn't get to talk to the actual vet, but who I was talking to said as long as they aren't fertile, it should be fine????? I really don't want to stress her any more.

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Mar 14, 2013
Thanks for input.
by: Nadine

Thanks for your input, Linda.

She did well going to her vet this morning. (Her avian vet she's seeing for the feather picking is about 1 1/2hrs away, hence my apprehension of stressing her out). I'm an over protective "mom" to my little chicken. I do know feather picking can be a serious problem and should always have an exam with the avian vet. That's why I made the appointment. I just hate the thought of causing any more stress to her and was concerned with taking her out while she was going through bearing eggs. Her other avian vet in town isn't as experienced with feather picking, and this vet has many years of experience.

Tthe vet believes her feather picking is related to hormones and making her eggs. We have a follow up appointment in 3weeks. The spray i used was what the vet told us to use. I understand that over-the-counter meds can be dangerous to our feather friends. Thanks for the warning tho. It would suck to not be informed until it was too late.

Fingers cross that she will be back to normal soon.

Mar 13, 2013
Taking to Vet while sitting on her eggs
by: Linda

Take those eggs and throw them in the trash. If she happens to break one open and eat the contents, she will die a very painful death. Infertile eggs have to be thrown away because they go rancid just like if we leave chicken eggs out of the refrigerator.

You also mentioned spraying her. Was it with meds from an Avian Vet or some kind of over the counter stuff? If it was over the counter, not prescribed by an Avian Vet, you are in danger of killing her by poison. Never use any products on your bird unless they have either been prescribed or recommended by an Avian Vet.

She has a real problem here, and being worried about stressing her should not be a factor. If you don't get the plucking under control with the help of avian vet, she will begin self mutilation once feathers are gone and this presents very serious problems with infection and blood poisoning.

Take the eggs out of cage bottom, throw them away and get her throughly examined by an Avian Vet only. She is in serious condition here, and needs a full exam for inside/outside parasites, blood work done to see if there is a viral infection present and to see how organs are functioning. She could also be allergic to something in her environment or food. Food with all kinds of preservatives, dyes and sugars can and do cause allergic reactions which begin with skin problems.

Let us know what Avian Vet finds and stop spraying her with anything not prescribed by avian vet. Just because it is on the market does not mean it is safe and most of the houshold products for cleaning and those in pet stores for birds are downright dangerous to use.


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