taking to vet

by carol
(rockledge fl)

AT what age should a baby cockatiel be safe to take in the car to the vet to be checked? we have 4 that are 4 weeks old

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Jun 03, 2009
Age for taking baby birds to the vet
by: The Vet

Wait until they wean at 8 weeks, unless there is a problem now, and if there is a problem now, then go now.

Dr B

May 31, 2009
Take Now
by: Linda

Be sure and put them in a proper small bird carrier, so they can stay warm and still have good air circulation. The smaller the better so they can stay warm on trip to and from. Even a small cardboard box with air holes punched in it (lots of air holes) will work. Make sure the top is secure, so they can't jump out at any time. Also make sure you take something to secure it back once vet has seen them. They need to be tested for bacterial infections if they are not gaining weight every day. If they have been eating good, gaining weight, it may not be necessary to take them just yet. If you are handfeeding them, you should also be weighing them each day. If a baby bird does not gain weight every day, they are most likely sick.

Let us know how they are.

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