Talking after being sick??

by Laura

My cockatoo was very sick and she stopped talking amongst other things. She is better now found out that she has fatty liver disease. Changed her diet now she is doing great, just one thing. Before she was sick she talked all the time, even barked at the door when someone knocked! But now she still is not talking she makes noise but not really talking, will she ever talk again???

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Feb 04, 2016
Mine stopped talking too
by: Anonymous

It is unfortunately unpredictable as to whether she will talk again. My bird, although a different type, after being ill a couple of times, stopped barking and other than muttering to herself sometimes, became very quiet.

Aug 19, 2015
Bird not talking anymore
by: Tracie

It's hard to say. I would think it is very possible, but only the bird knows. I'm glad she is doing better.

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