talking amazon

by jamie

is it to late to teach a 5 year old amazon to talk

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May 24, 2011
by: jamie

thankyou linda that was very usefull. i am now talking to corky every morning and evening he seems to be taking alot of notice and is trying to talk he seems like he is an amazon that do want to talk

May 23, 2011
talking amazon
by: Linda

Amazons, if taken care of properly which means organic pelleted diet like Harrison's, no junk food, regular yearly trips to Avian Vet, large, clean, safe cages and safe wooden toys to chew on, means they can live up to 75 years. So,a 5 year old is not too old to learn to talk, as your bird is just a baby.

Do not use boring tapes and disks to try and teach your bird to talk. You can teach it to talk by talking to it in a regular voice. Parrots pick up a lot of their words from things we say with a lot of emotion behind them, like, "What a pretty bird you are" or "Do you want a cookie?", things like that. Once they learn a few words for things like their foods,bowls, toys and such, they will be able to put short 3-4 word sentences together using words they already know meanings to. For instance, my Amazon, Eli is about 36 years old, and has a huge vocabulary. He learned all his words separately and then was able to put an intelligent sentence together. My husband taught him to say "Bill's Right!" because husband's name is Bill. Well, Eli said that a few times and then shocked us when he yelled out "Eli's Right!" never again to say Bill's right. He also says other short sentences when he feels like it. His mate, Stella does not talk except in Amazon, so some birds do not ever like talking and others love it.

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