Talking Parakeet

by Ana

I have always wonder why my male parakeet talks. He started to talk from the six month I got him. Every time he talks he makes sure that people in the room are watching him. I love when he comes to my shoulder and talks to my ear and he clearly pronounces every word.
Please share any good experience you have with your feathered friend :)

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Apr 15, 2012
Talking Parakeet
by: Linda

Ana, it does my heart good to read a letter like yours! It is normal for the Budgies to talk though most are very hard to understand because they are so small. The fact that yours is easy to understand makes him very special!

It also sounds as if he is a bit of a show-off since he likes to talk when he knows people are listening and admiring him. He sounds like a very sweet little bird, and you are very fortunate to have him.

I've had lots of Budgies, and it's mostly the males who talk though I've heard a female or two talk just not as much. Budgies are really fun birds because they are small enough to be easily handled, their food is not so costly as the larger parrots, and they can live in a bit smaller cage than say a big Macaw!

It is a pleasure to hear from you, and when you have time, you may want to post a picture of your little buddy as we'd all love that.


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