Talking Quaker parrots?

Do Quaker Parrots talk?

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Mar 19, 2013
Talking Quakers
by: Anonymous

This question can apply to any type of parrot. Some birds "talk" and some do not. The larger birds are more adept at picking up sounds and mimicking words. I have a Quaker and she does not repeat words but has different chirps that mimic the words. I know when she says "thank you", "go sleep", "yeah", "poop", etc. By constantly talking to her she related my actions to my words and understands what I am saying and what I am doing. She does imitate the "wolf whistle", "call the dog whistle" and is currently working on the theme from the Andy Griffith show. When I pet her and call her "pretty bird", she moves her mouth like she desperately wants to repeat it but has not yet been successful. With time and patience you might get your Quaker to mimic words. They are highly intelligent and very interactive and whether they speak a human word or not, they are great pets to share your life with.

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