Tamatoes for baby ringneck

I started weaning my 8week old ringneck, and I want to know if he can eat tamatoes? I know parrots/parrakeets cannot eat banana or avo, but can they eat all other fruit?

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Dec 11, 2009
Tamatoes for baby ringneck
by: Linda

Bananas are a perfectly fine weaning food and good all-round treat food for parrots. Avocado is not good, and tomatoes are not the highest quality weaning food and can cause a variety of digestive upsets due to the acid.

You need to get your bird weaned onto some organitc high quality pellets. Tracie has several kinds out here, and you could get a small amount of each of them for your size bird and see which ones he liks best. Other treat/weaning foods are baked sweet potato, baked/cooked organic carrots with the skin left on. You will be feeding very little fruit and veggies compared to how much pellets you want your bird to eat. The fruits and veggies are no more than 10% of a bird's diet whether baby or adult.Do not feed too large amounts as baby will get sick. Also, take out any perishable items after two hours as they will become rancid and poison your bird.

Also, do not just stop handfeeding his formula. Keep feeding your bird at least two times a day while he is learning to eat solid foods. Baby parrots don't just go from formula to solid food in a day or a week or even two weeks. You will gradually cut down on the formula as your bird begins to fill himself up with solid food. You will start out with 2 times a day, and move down to one time a day after your baby is actually feeding himself. He will let you know if he is hungry by crying, squatting and moving wings. Make sure your baby is fed enough because starving them DOES NOT MAKE WEANING ANY QUICKER, AND YOUR BABY CAN DIE FROM LACK OF FOOD AND FLUIDS.

You will also need to take your baby to your Avian Vet BEFORE you begin the weaning process to make sure his weight is good, and that he does not have any bacterial infections or other problems with his health. Once he gets a clean bill of health, you may begin to slowly wean him onto some organic fruit and veggies and organic pellets, provided he is old enough.

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