Taming a sun conure

by jlamps

i recently bought a 15 month old sun conure. Whenever i try to stick my hand in the cage it flies around its cage. How do i calmly get him out?

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Aug 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

First of all don't put your hand in his cage, he's clear afraid. Open his cage door & allow him to step out & then onto you. If he's new give him a week without handling him so he can get used to his new environment. Don't force anything he is not comfortable with. If you do you can end up with a biter or a bird that is frightened of you. Go at his pace only & if he looks uncomfortable, stop... He needs to learn to trust you & get used to new humans & new environment before he will start to do what you want. If you push it he will trust you less. If you go at his pace he will learn to trust you faster. This is what I have done with all my birds, including my adopted sun conure. It has never failed me. Good luck!! Oh & google sun conure care or information to get direct information specifically for sunnies, that will also help you.

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