taming a wild three month old baby jardine's parrot

by Yves

i live in a country where you cannot find a parrot breeder that respect those lovely souls, you'll find only criminal traficants .
i have recently baught (rescue) a baby jardine's parrot that have high fear symptoms regarding any human being.i'm sure he was never handfeded neither tamed.and reading he's body language i think he has been abused from his first day on earth.i need as much help and advice regarding this issue because i have three other rescued cockatiels and an adult congo african grey that have similar problems.thx in advance and god bless all of you.

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Nov 17, 2012
taming a wild three month old baby jardine's parrot
by: yves

Thx Lynda for your advice.As you have said making them feel safe and happy is more then enough for me.I slept one night thanking god for my two lovely little girls,and I woke up having five more.

Nov 16, 2012
taming a wild three month old baby jardine's parrot
by: Linda

Thank you so much for being willing to take in these poor rescues because they were in trouble before you came along. This happens a lot with birds because there are too many birds being bred which drives the prices down so just anybody, decent people or not, can afford a bird. The ones who should not have any pets or children for that matter can get the birds and other pets and enjoy tormenting them sometimes to death.

To answer your question, there is a possibility none of your birds will ever allow you to handle them much. I strongly suggest all three be examined by an Avian Vet if you have one in your area because all neglected and abused birds are usually sick which makes them even more fearful because they feel bad.

Once they are examined and any problems are addressed, then ask the avian vet if they can suggest someone familiar with parrot behavior to help you with a little taming and training. The hard, cold truth of the matter is birds who have been neglected and abused sometimes are mentally ill. Mental illness happens to birds who are in abusive situations for too long a time. They lose touch with reality as a way to cope. This leaves them unable to tolerate humans to the point of being handled. In other words, they hate humans on site as they have been programmed for abuse which can sometimes be horrible. I'm sorry this is so, and hopefully you can help yours. First they have to be examined by an avian vet or a vet in your area who is also familiar with how to treat birds. A sick bird cannot be tamed or trained, and with abused birds, you may have to be satisfied that they are safe and well fed and cared for.

Lots of people rescue these poor parrots only to find they cannot handle them. You would not be alone in this. Accept them for who they are now and understand what they may have had to live with. Give them your love unconditionally, and let them know you care by keeping them safe, clean and fed. It's more than they had before, and please understand that they may never allow you to handle them as pets. They may be too damaged. Abused birds can also be potentially dangerous, so keep your eyes open and be alert anytime you are handling them or anytime they are out of cage. They do not mean to be this way, and humans have made them this way.Regardless of what has heppened and who did it, they are potentially dangerous, so always be aware of this fact when working with abused birds or other abused animals.

Again, thank you for your big heart and opening your home to these birds. Keep us posted when you have time.You are not alone as we are always here to listen and help the best we can. Take Care.


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