taming a young cockatiel

by kathryn

We have a young cackatiel (about 3 months of age).We have been trying to get him used to use by simply putting our hand in his cage (in a fist rather than having fingers out), so that he can get used to our hands and learn that we wont harm him.

My question is, is this the right/best way to get him used to us?

Our plans are to be able to have him out of his cage, sitting on our shoulders etc.

We have had him for just over a week and he is still very wary of us and will hiss if we get too close.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 02, 2009
taming my baby
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comment.
We had his door open tonight, he didn't come out which was fine, however what happens when he does come out, how do we then get him back in his cage without scaring him (he seems more scared of us now than he was when we first got him).
He is not the first young bird we have had, the other birds were rainbow Lorikeets and they seemed to be a lot easier to tame.
I am very happy to take as long as we need to, i just really don't want to scare him.

May 31, 2009
Baby Cockie
by: Linda

You have been doing good with him, and I suggest you leave cage door open, while you are in same room, and see if he will come out on top of his cage. If he does not, keep doing it as he will eventually decide he wants to come out. Try and not be anxious about whether he does or not as birds are very quick to pick up on our tensions and stress. He is afraid because he had to leave the place he knew and come to live with you, a total stranger, in a strange cage in a strange home. He is tiny compared to you and is simply afraid. Once he starts coming out of cage, you can then offer him a perch to step up on. If he has never been trained to step up, he does not know what you are doing with your hands in his cage or with stick. Go under assumption he knows nothing about "UP". Once he starts coming out of cage, leave him be and let him look around and get more used to you and your home. Take everything nice and slow, and he will become ready for learning the "UP" request.You can also do this inside his cage if cage is quite large. Otherwise wait for him to come out, and he will eventually. Open door and watch tv or whatever to appear relaxed and not concerned whether he comes out or not. Once he starts coming out, you can begin training him to step up onto stick which is not as fearful as your hand. Very gently place perch up to his lower chest area low enough so he can pick up a foot and step onto stick and say "UP". If he flys down, use the stick to give him something to climb up on to get off floor. Try again. Don't make any sessions more than 10-15 minutes at the most, and you can do them up to a few times a day.Start with letting him come out.There are also books out here to help you with some basics about training.Just remember, he is afraid of you so don't push him as once he learns to trust you, things will go faster. Right now, you are gaining his trust, and he needs to know you won't hurt him, or drop him. Trust is EARNED not a given.Keep us posted and ENJOY YOUR SWEET BIRDY!

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