taming issues?

by luckhy
(orange county)

hello i have indian ringneck i bought him from pet shop. i had em for 3 weeks already
i been trying tame so he wont bite and trust me. but what i do is i sit by his cage and talk to him i do that for like half hour. i did that for week and then second week i put my hand in cage and i had fruit in my hand so he started eating fruit out of my hand now.

i could put my hand close to him. but when i try to toch him or pick him he just walks to the other side. how could i fix that please let me now know

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Feb 11, 2012
my irn
by: lakdeep grewal

Ya I work with him everyday for hour nd half. Nd his favorite fruit is apple so wen I try to feed him then he will come nd sit there nd eat from my hand. Nd today I put apple is my palm nd I kept there to see if he steps on my hand to eat it but he wont. Like it seems like he's really nervous of my hands. Nd I talked to alots breeders nd pet store they told me that he's old he's 3 yrs old. And is gonna be really hard to tame. Because he was never pet. Were I buy from they always had him in avairy.? The thing is really hard for me if it is gonna take long time tame him cuz I have kids nd they like playing with him. But I don't want him to bite them. So far he didn't cuz they always feeding him

Feb 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Indian Ringnecks are not the easiest bird to train.. I've had one for about a month/2 months now. And he still doesn't trust me the way I'd like him to. When they're young they go through the "terrible twos" stage. You just need to work with him/her a little every day. When you go to pick him/her out of the cage say step up so they learn that action better. Mine has a problem with chewing his feet when he gets nervous. Then he'll bite or twist my skin. I just tell him that's not nice. He's finally started to come around a little bit. I take him into the bathroom at least once a day and put my hand above his head till he lets me pet him. and it's seemed to start working but the only place I can touch him is in the bathroom. Just don't give up and keep trying. It's frustrating but they come around eventually.

Feb 08, 2012
Taming a new parrot
by: Tracie

You are doing great! Just continue to move at the speed the bird is comfortable with. Pay attention to the bird's body language, so you will learn when to move forward and when to back off.

We have some training materials on our Parrot Training pagethat will help you, please read those articles for more information.

Feb 07, 2012
Don't move so fast with your touching him
by: CHaydel

It sounds as though you are making progress, however, I would now allow him to explore your fingers and hands without your moving them closer to him. You have to make him feel that it is his idea and not yours. He sees you as being a bit agressive.

He will let you know when he is ready, but then, don't get so excited that you scare him. Continue doing what you are doing and it will happen and you will fall in love with him for the second time. Progress will be made from there.

Keep him healthy and feeling safe and he will respond.

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