Taming/Gaining trust of my budgie?

by Whitney
(West Virginia)

I've had my budgie for four days now. He is eating good and chirping and everything, but when I go to pet him or pick him up he either starts climbing up the back of the cage, or he flies towards the door at my face and gets out of his cage. I was wondering if I am doing the wrong thing or if I'm starting too early?
When I approach him I talk softly, move my hand slowly, and I don't grab him. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Feb 26, 2010
Gaining Budgie Trust
by: Anonymous

You should give the poor thing a break. You got him 4 days ago and he still doesnt trust you! In order to gain that trust you shouldnt try and force your hand upon him, however slowly, rather coax him out with treats. One effective method is to take his or her favorite treat (millet in a budgies case) and put it in your hand. Stick your hand in the cage and just leave it there. Do it while your watching TV or something else time consuming. Your budgie will be afraid of it at first, but eventually overcome its fear for the tasty treats you are holding. Dont move your hand when he approaches. Do this more and more often until he is comfortable with your hand. Remember, its all about taking it slow with small and skitsy birds.
Good luck :)

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