Tea Tree and my conure.

by T

I sprayed my conure with water with a few drops of Tea Tree oil. What will happen?

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Oct 07, 2011
Tea Tree and my conure.
by: Linda

Your bird may die as the tea tree oil is NOT supposed to be put onto birds. Before you use anything in the future, please consult with an Avian Vet as to its safety.

I suggest you bathe this bird in some dishwashing liquid like Dawn, being careful to get all the way to the skin and get this mess off it before it kills it. Also, I cannot imagine why you would do this as this could also put the bird's eyes out if any got in them. Make sure bird is rinsed very carefully because the washing soap will leave residue on skin if not carefully rinsed. Towel dry bird, put it in cage and cover cage so bird can stay warm. If your bird is already dead, you've just learned a valuable lesson. We all make some mistakes with our birds, and this was one where all you had to do was ask.

Please ask questions BEFORE doing something that can kill your bird.


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