Telling the age of a cockatiel by it's feet?

by April Shelton
(Marietta, SC)

Is there any way to tell the age of a cockatiel by looking at it's feet?
My husband recently found a male cockatiel in the middle of the road. He was dehydrated and straved almost to death. He is now in good health and I was wondering. Can you tell a tiel's age by it's feet???

The top of his feet are the normal black scales but the bottom of his feet are the baby pink color. I have a 12 week old female who's beak is still pink or tan in color and so are her feet and she is minus any scales.

The Pretty Boy we found's beak is already blackish gray. But I have noticed since he is improving health wise his beak is now a mixture of tan and black. The pink on the bottom of the feet leads me to believe he is between 6 months and one year.

He show's no signs of sexual maturing. YET!!! I would love to know if you can tell the age of a tiel by the way it's feet look. Since I noticed that the young female I bought had pink feet no scales it got me to thinking about what his age may be. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Mar 22, 2017
Cockatiel foot color relating to age
by: Anonymous

I have been told by my college bird husbandry professor that cockatiel feet turn grey with age. My cockatiel was hatched January of last year, and has pink feet. The zoo I volunteer at has a budgie/cockatiel exhibit (where you go in and feed the birds millet), I've sat on the floor with no guests around. The cockatiel's tend to stay away from guests, but once the place is empty, they hop on the floor to get the bits of dropped millet. The cockatiels all crowded around me, and they had grey feet. Most of the cockatiels in that exhibit are quite old, so I'd assume it is true. They also start to get greyer feathers and beaks.

Oct 06, 2015
My bird
by: Anonymous

Lately my bird is biting its feathers and shaking does anyone know why

Jun 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

my mum said she was getting jealous because i had a gal-ah and my mum wanted a bird so she told me she was getting a bird i come home from school and i come to the back yard to clean the car and a perfect healthy tame tiel flew at me WHAT and my mum was saying it is just destiny that this happened so that's why i want to know my mum is looking for its owner

Jun 05, 2015
My unlucky tiel
by: Bird Crazy

Got him at 4 weeks,doing everything as told-he laid down on me. I rushed Aviary Clinic. 5 days and 348 in cash, incubator, 4 meds.. He's OK.... Check out breeder.....

May 02, 2014
how to tell the age of acockatiel
by: Anonymous

how do i tell how old my cockatiel is i was given my tiel as a presant he is like a member of the family. PLEASE if anybody knows how to tell i would be appreciative........Birdlover

Editor's note: you can not tell the age, but your avian vet might can give you an estimate.

Jul 26, 2011
Breeding with Indian Ring Necks
by: sharon

Hi ....I have successfully bred three healthy blue ring necks , which would be around 8 months now , their mother flew out the cage as I was going in accidently ,which has upset the dad , as he is ready to breed again, as he has been trying with another female I have in the cage ,he's original girlfriend I had bought for him , the problem is she doesn't seem to want anything to do with him except for wanting him to feed her, was wondering if she may be to old , I have noticed her feet are a yellowish colour unlike the rest of the birds , which are grey, would that prodict the age ??? I 'm a bit worried he may give up and breed with his babies , as I dont know the sex of them yet......does this matter ??

Editor's note: If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions

Feb 23, 2011
stray tiels
by: Anonymous

i just got a male tiel from a neighbor, who's father found him as he dropped right by him, at his factory job. it looks to have had concussion or something, as otherwise ok, now that i raised my room temp back up to eighty last night. curious as well of his age, as i got him as friend for my odd female tiel the pair i have she came with, were torturing. they are supposedly between three and five years, and have mostly really pink and or light beak, cere and feet, but the new male has only light skin color on bottom of feet. also the new one tries to attack and seems just as mean as my other male... why does everyone keep saying the males are so nice and friendly, as my females were wild, but fine, and male was horrible, until i clipped his wings, and beak, hen later still had to seemingly nearly drown him to get him to let go of my hand (heard theyll let go if you spray or put them under cold water, tried both, neither worked!!!). P.S. should i also be worried he might attack my precious odd girl tiel out? also in fall i had a stray normal morph budgie i thought later i should have tried to catch, as soon after got some, and learned they dont usually thrive in even our mild winters. i keep hearing about birds running away, but i leave my doors open when nice and my birds stay by cages, except one who flew off couple times and came back right away second time, and first time was chased by hawk. is it cause i have a decent flock that they dont try to leave? they just fly out around, maybe landing on roof or rail, then come back into apartment quickly, maybe chasing off the wrens and finches etc that try to nest on porch and in my place. i figured that it was just those that kept single bird isolated in tiny cage and had inadequate food and nests, as heard a lot of flocks fee flying from owners coops and coming back, and always just figured parrot type birds were like Corvus, pigeons and chickens ive kept. also curious why new male who i just let out, is now eating poop of female?

Aug 27, 2010
Feet and age
by: JJ

I have a whiteface platinum cockatiel. This means that his feet are pink and his nails are whitish bordering on translucent. Perfectly normal for his colouring. Makes trimming his nails easier too since I can see the blood vessels and know where to stop. Most cockatiels of the normal grey variety usually have greyish feet with black nails. Feet condition have nothing to do with age. In fact once your bird has its first moult at 6 months or so it is virtually indistinguishable from a 10 year old bird.

Feb 25, 2009
by: terry

I was sold 2 cockatiels and told they were a yr. old. Well, they have not been doing any producing and I have been thinking something is wrong with them. Now, I looked at their feet and both of them have very pink feet. Maybe they were sold to me as much younger than what they people said. At first the lady said they were 6 months then she said about a year . I guess we learn something every day.

Jul 23, 2008
Please write your story!
by: Tracie

Hello April,

Please write your story for all to read! It sounds like such a great encouragement. There is a button on the left of this website that reads, "Submit Bird Stories" and you can attach a picture too. If you have more pictures, you can send them after you post the story and I will attach them too.

Thanks, Tracie

Jul 23, 2008
Asked the vet? Yes!
by: April

Yes, I asked the vet. She said that he could be between 6months and one year old. The only words or sounds he say's or makes are the ones we have taught him so far. The vet said the only true way to tell is a blood test and that is not even 100%.
I am watching the way my young cockatiels feet are starting to turn from the pink to kinda a gray look. Maybe watching the younger ones growth changes I might be able to get a better guess about the males age. Usually the whole foot will look like the black scales. I noticed the males still has pink on them. So he could still be a yound fellow after all. All I know is that I am going to love him every minute of every day. It has been suggested that he may have flew the coop from one of those chain pet stores when he was young and then we found him. Hence the reason no one has placed an add for him and no one has answered our adds about him. Either way it has almost been 2 months now and he is a very happy boy here. He get's lot's of love and plenty of attention. He was wild and would not even let you touch him. Now he hangs out on my shoulder and loves head rubs;)

Jul 21, 2008
Telling bird's age by feet.
by: Tracie

Did you ask the vet when you took him in? I do not know that you can tell by looking at the feet how old a bird is.

Jul 19, 2008
Would also like to add!
by: April

I would also like to add that we did search for the lost cockatiel's owner. We went door to door. We have posted signs, and have looked in all papers, as well as online. No one has came forth to claim him. It has almost been two months and a few visits to the vet later. SO we are keeping him. Another cockatiel was found in the same area that we found this one I think it may have been my tiel's cage mate. I called the number they left in the paper and they too have had no luck in finding a owner for the other lost tiel. I only wanted to post this comment because as a pet owner myself I know that pets are more LIKE FAMILY to people. I fear someone may have not known what they were getting themselves into and just let the little guy's go. Not knowing that hookbills can not make it on their own in the wild around here. Anyway, again any help with my question would be great!!!

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