telling the gender of a sun conure

by maynard

hi there, i am maynard from the philippines. i recently got a new sun conure and introduce it to my 2 year old sun conure (Twovy) i would like to breed them but i'm having a hard time determining their sexes since DNA sexing is next to imposible in this small town. anybody please help.... i would really appreciate it

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Aug 19, 2009
avian vet

tnx a lot linda... by the way do you know any avian vet wherein i can send some of my birds blood sample or feathers to have them analize for DNA sexing?

Aug 05, 2009
Sexing Birds
by: Linda

Maynard, what I suggest is that if you wish to breed them, you get your breeding cage all set up and wooden next box installed. You will need a box that hangs on the side of the cage, and a place has to be cut out for the front to be inside the cage unless you buy a cage that already has the openings.

You will need to do much reading and study. There are many resources on the internet, and Tracie has some good books out here too. There is a lot to learn about the birds first and then you can move into study about breeding.

When you feel that the birds are getting along good, put them together in the breeding cage you have for them complete with the nestbox installed and ready. Then just let nature take its course. If one is a male, in a while (not sure how long as it depends entirely on the birds) they will begin to breed, and you will probably see it or not depending upon how much your birds trust you.

So, you have a lot of work and study ahead of you, and in the meantime, just enjoy your birds. One thing to remember is that once a breeding pair are together, they will become aggressive toward you and will attack you when you try and feed or water them. Make sure your cage has the swivel out cups so you do not have to put your hands directly into cage.This behavior gets much worse when there are eggs in the nest box, so just always be careful.

One more thing is that once they are set up as breeders, you have lost your pets for the most part. A breeding pair is just that. They have eyes only for each other, and you become the intruder, so think very hard about whether breeding them is what you really want to do. Or do you just want a couple of pet birds to play with?

Good luck!

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