Thanks for advice on lovebird

by Pat M.
(Beaverton, OR)

I submitted a concern earlier about a beak problem - too long and curled. I brought her into an avian pet medical center and beak was neatly trimmed. Dropping analysis was abnormal and felt possible inflammatory yeast or fungus in gut present. They suggested to give some fresh vegs, like broccoli, parsley and bell pepper w/seeds. She's happier now, and so am I.
Thanks again,
Pat M.

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Feb 17, 2012
Thanks for advice on lovebird
by: Linda

Thanks for your letter, Pat as it is always a joy to hear that some of our advice has been taken to heart. Keep an eye on your bird, and if you see any further illness symptoms, take back to avian vet. The problem with the anal swabs is there is always some negative bacteria present there, so have a throat swab done next time if you see any signs of illness.

Also, I'd go very easy on the bell peppers as they tend to upset some human stomachs. Feed only small amounts of any veggies a few times a week.

Your bird will also benefit from being changed over to organic pellets if you're still feeding seeds. All seed diets are almost empty of vitamins, minerals and the proteins are very poor. Mostly what all seed diets have is FAT and lots of it. Below is a link on how to go about change from seeds to pellets, and Harrison's High Potency would be excellent for your bird:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

You can find Harrisons organic pellets here. You can also find their bird bread mix which will help with the change and will be a high quality treat. Get the Sunshine Factor Organic Red Palm Oil for the oil it calls for which is found here I think. It calls for two whole eggs and water. It can be kept frozen for 6 months and keeps in refrigerator for about 5 days. We slice and freeze a loaf and take out what is needed for our birds to thaw out in refrigerator. Take out and let pellets and bread warm to room temp before feeding.


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