The Bandit

When Bandit is sitting on an egg she is cooing constantly,, day and night. Is that the norm. It sounds like she is constantly sing or talking to her egg.

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Jun 18, 2009
by: Linda

Well, the only problem I see here is that she is supposed to be sleeping at night. Do you have her set up for breeding with a male or is she just doing this in the bottom of her cage. If she is not set up for breeding, you need to remove all eggs as they hatch. If you have her set up for breeding, she needs a larger cage with a nestbox attached so she is comfortable that her eggs are safe.Birds like their eggs in darkness, so a wooden nestbox would be needed with a hole just large enough for her to enter and exit without scraping herself. This keeps the eggs and later the babies in darkness where both mother and kids feel safe.

Sounds like she is breeding age, and you may consider getting a breeding set up done. This is not as easy as it sounds because they need a larger cage, and male would have to be put in separate cage until they get to know one another. A cage close enough to hers so they could "feed" each other will let you know when they are ready to be put together. Raising babies also often entails handfeeding or at least supplementing the smaller babies until they catch up in size and weight. Birds usually lay eggs every other day, so the last two babies of a 4-egg nest will be considerably smaller than the first and second ones.

If she is just laying eggs in her cage floor, this can be dangerous. If an egg becomes cracked, birds will sometimes try and eat some of the fluid and die of albumin poisoning--not a pretty site and fatal.

If you do decide to get her set up for breeding, do a lot of reading, talking to breeders of your particular bird as you will need to learn everything you can about the subject. Handfeeding has to be taught as it is a learned skill that gets better each time it is used.


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