the cleaning of cages

by Carlie

i wanted to know how bad there poop smells and how often you have to clean the cage? also are they messy?


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Mar 11, 2010
not to bad
by: Anonymous

As long as you clean there cage. It doesnt have much of a smell.i give my cockateils baths of showers twice a week and then i clean there cages. so i can hardly notice a smell

Sep 26, 2009
cage cleaning
by: Linda

YES, they are messy, and you have to clean cages and area around cages at least once a week. If you clean once a week or more often, you will not notice much of a smell. If a cage is left for weeks, it stinks and is bad for the health of the birds.

Kaytee makes a wonderful cage cleaner called EZ Care Quick Clean, and it is non-toxic and comes in a pump spray bottle(also by the gallon). We use it on the cage bottom pans and the wire trays that fit into the pans. We take them outside, though in the winter, they can be cleaned in the kitchen sink or bathtub. You spray cleaner on, wait ten minutes, use a nylon flat brush to scrub off the poop and then rinse it away. It is also safe to clean toys and perches with, but I do recommend you be careful using it around the birds as some may get in their eyes. For toys, take them out for cleaning and rinsing. For perches, put some on a cloth and then use a small brush to raise any poop or food debris and then wipe down with a clean cloth and plain hot water.

Birds also throw their food and sometimes poop all over, so cleaning requires also cleanig around the cage and having them on a linoleum floor helps. DO NOT KEEP BIRDS IN KITCHEN AS IT IS DANGEROUS WITH ALL THE SMELLS AND STEAM AND SO FORTH. We pulled up the carpet and put linoleum down in our bird's room for easier cleaning.

There is much much more to learn about birds than just how to clean them, so books would be great, and Tracie has some books out here. The internet is also a wonderful source of information on caring for a parrot. They are complicated little creatures, and you MUST do your study BEFORE bringing one home as they will suffer if you don't do your homework first.


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