The cloud eye of a 20y Moluccan

by Rossella Morello
(la Romana Domincan Republic)

My probably 20y moluccan ,which I have rescue 10y ago, has suddendly shown a cloudy eye he is eating well ,fresh fruits and seeds, I got him with a mutitalate chest and picking feather .In 10y with me he got up and down but better becouse now he has feathers .But he still has a paranoic movement that ends on the chest area .I can say that he cann't and will not get better than this, but he is fine and happy . The cloud eye is worry me becouse I have never seen this on birds ,but only on my Oscar Fish . He has the borders little bit bigger and he shows light is bother him

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Sep 19, 2011
Private Owner
by: Rossella

Thanks for your answer , I have been giving him Antibiotics drops and the cloud is under control but do not desapper . I does not show other sinthoms.

Aug 29, 2011
Cloudy eye on bird
by: Tracie

I wish Dr B could help you with this, but he just can't examine your bird in order to tell you what is wrong, and even if he knew what was wrong he could not prescribe a treatment over the Internet. You would still have to Find an Avian Vet for your bird.

If there is not an avian vet listed on the site linked on the page above, then please find a good breeder and ask who they take their birds to.

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