The death of my conure

by Thomas

My green cheek conure just recently passed a few hours ago. Two days ago he was acting absolutely normal and looked great. Yesterday morning he was very lethargic and spent most of the day on my shoulder or in my lap, with his head tucked in, and he was all fluffed up, almost bloated looking. He wasn't acting normal, but we assumed he was just tired.

This morning he was on the bottom of his cage, he could barely move. We were about to leave for the vet, but then he died. I would like to know what could have done this, both for some closure, and in hopes that if we get another bird we will be able to prevent it.

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Dec 15, 2010
Conure death
by: Tracie

I am very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, neither Dr B nor anyone can tell you what happened without a necropsy. There are just way too many things that could cause these symptoms.

It could be something toxic in the air, air fresheners, Teflon in toaster ovens, irons and cookware, etc. If the bird gets out of cage time, it could be something it licked that was toxic. It could have had an internal infection or disease.

I necropsy done by an avian vet is always a good idea if a bird dies, to make sure that there isn't something that will kill another bird in your house.

In the future, if your bird shows any signs of distress, get it to an avian vet right away. Birds hide disease and illness often until they are close to death. This is why Dr B suggests that birds be seen yearly for check ups and vaccines.

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