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Dec 24, 2014
so sad
by: Anonymous

you are so lucky to still have a budgies died yesterday and i am so happy now that they are togethr forever.and also coincedently,they were named sunny and bluey

Dec 19, 2011
by: ally

i am 12 years old. i had 2 budgies but unfortunatly 1 died when i was sleeping over a friends house. ever since then the other bird (conveniatly named sunny(shes a girl)) has been biting and acting as if we are out to get her. i don't no if shes greving or if one of my sisters did something(they don't like her). my birds were really close and i only want whats best for my baby girl. anyone got any segessutions??

Editor's note: If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions Please Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to make sure a disease from the other bird did not pass on to your bird.

May 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

awww, this is so cute, i am 13 too, i have 14 budgies and just the other day one died, he was very old but she was cutte, i could hold him and he wouldnt bite mee. i also have another blue one that i can hold, thats a girl she is so so pretty. i think what you budgies can do is so cutee,
thanks for writing this so i could read it :)

Sep 25, 2010
Love never dies
by: Bette

Hi. I was about 10 years old when I GOT yogi. This blue budgee was flying around a 5 and 10 cent store when I spotted him. I told my mother that bird would be my pet but they have to catch him first! Well that took three hours finally caught, and now mine. When we got home he jumped in his cage and his life began. This bird had tons of attention and was very smart. We named him Yogi because he responded really fast the name. This bird was different than others. He danced and sang as my sister played piano, my family would cards Yogi would jump on the table through down the cards and say RUMMY AGAIN. A few yeas latermy mother developed alergies and I had to give Yogi away.

Jun 16, 2010
So sweet!
by: Ananya

Your budgies so so soooooooo cute and adorable!!!Your lucky that you have Corky with you!My budgie is also very playful :D

Jan 21, 2010
by: Sierra

I recently turned fourteen, and I have gone through five budgies. I know what it's like to lose such a sweet and loyal companion. I have also had a Sunny, who was sweet and calm and friendly, in contrast to her cage-mate, Mango, who was very, VERY smart but probably also a bit insane! :D Your story brought back many happy memories, and made me smile. I am so glad you have such an amazing friend!

PS: You have inspired me to get a new budgie, maybe two! What do you think of the names Buddy and Lily? :D

Apr 13, 2009
What a great parront you are!
by: Tracie

Victoria, you are very inspiring!! I am glad Sunny has you and you have him. :D

I hope people read your story and realize what great companions budgies can be. So many people buy a single budgie and then just leave them in the cage alone for life. Your little Sunny is a happy bird!

Apr 11, 2009
by: Mary Ann

You say you are "just 13", but your are a wonderful bird mama. It is very obvious that you love you little feathered child with all your heart.
It always makes me very happy to see younger people showing a lot of love and compassion.
Too many times you hear of things teens do wrong, but you are doing everything right for your feathered child. You sound like a really great kid!
It is wonderful that you take your little guy to the vet when he needs it. Too many times people think of budgies as less important than the bigger parrots. Did you know that with his curved, hooked bill he really is a very little parrot?
Keep up the good work! I'm sure your little fid (feathered kid) loves his mama as much as you love him. You are a good parront (parrot parent)Good job all the way around!
I hope you and your little love have many happy years yet to come! :-)

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