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Oct 08, 2010
My baby Sunny
by: Anonymous

I had a sun conure for 10 years that looks like yours. He was my baby too and I loved him more than any pet that I've ever had. We had a bond that I cannot describe. I had a doll store and even took him with me every day to work. He would do all kinds of funny and smart things, like LeeLoo. I took such good care of him, but, he would only eat sunflower seeds and did not like fruit that much. I thought he was in the best of health; but, found him passed away, in the bottom of his cage, in August. I thought for sure that I had another 10 years to be with him. Towards the end, my husband began to cover him up because of his screaming. I would fuss at thim and uncover Sunny every time. You don't know how much it hurts to be without my Sunny. I made a plack and a grave marker with his name on it. We also have an African Grey. She says hundreds of things and loves me more than anyone else. She would never bit me and is 5 years old. But, Sunny was really something special to me. Because he was small, I could do just about anything with him, and, he loved crawling into my top too!

Jul 23, 2009
by: Amur

I love your story about LeeLoo she is so cute, I wish I would have a butiful parot like yours.I've lived in a farm in Texas and I wish I could have an indoor pet so I tried geting a baby goat to live inside but it didn't workout to well:). So now I'm thinking of geting a Sun Conure but I had A lot of douts but your story made my douts run strait out of my head so thankyou so much!!!! :) (please excuse my spelling I'm realy bad at spelling) :)

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